From the INSERM Unit 324 (Drs. Bartolomeo, Boissé, Boller, and Dalla Barba), Paris; LSCP, EHESS, CNRS, Paris (Dr. BachoudLevi); and the Neuroscience Department (Drs. Bachoud-Lévi, Bartolomeo, Dalla Barba, and Degos), Hópital Henri-Mondor, Créteil, France.

Supported by a grant from the France Alzheimer Association to Dr. Bartolomeo.

Received March 9, 1998. Accepted in final form June 18, 1998.

Address correspondenee and reprint requests to Dr. Paolo Bartolomeo, INSERM Unit 324, Centre Paul Broca, 2ter rue d'Alésia, F-75014 Paris, France.


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